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Our cookbook library offers great ebooks by top food bloggers across the US. The independent publishing industry has brought on fantastic new opportunities for a collective niche of individuals- the food bloggers. When blogging gained significant traction around 2005, every foodie and cookbook enthusiast with a knack for the Internet gravitated towards it. Some food blogs have sizable followings that follow their progress as a chef while some of them have posts about their fantastic custom recipes. The best blogs succeeded not only on the basis of their wonderful recipes, but because they were relatable to us the readers. We revisit food blogs because we love the person writing and what they have to say about cooking just as much as we love their delicious food.

Food bloggers tell a story. The best food bloggers weave that intricate narrative of their life and what they want into a more traditional format of a recipe book. This is what makes chef cookbooks from food bloggers so enthralling. Yes, these cooking books are a collection of recipes that will make food taste a lot better and make cooking a lot more fun. But, beneath that, there's a story to tell. Every recipe has an accompanying video or a related post that becomes a moment captured in time. Isn't a meal made from a recipe its own memory? The people eating it, the group making it, and the conversation shared while doing so all become part of this narrative. Indulge in these cookbooks and explore the story of some of the best food bloggers on the web.