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Choosing the Best Turmeric Supplement Brand



Finding the Best Turmeric Supplement is challenging. With dozens of supplements sprouting up online, all making wild claims about curing various ailments, it’s not always easy to know which brand you should trust and buy.

Benefits of Turmeric Curcumin:

1. Pain Relief
2. Arthritis Relief
3. Cancer-Fighting Properties
4. A Promising Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
5. Cosmetic Benefits
6. Sleep Aid


In my opinion, the only thing worse than buying a product that doesn’t work is buying a product that you still believe is working, but it’s actually not doing anything for you. Unfortunately, some supplements contain turmeric, but they aren’t made with the right concentration, or they’re using an inferior extract.

When you’re dealing with supplements that contain “proprietary blends” (in other words: fillers mixed with turmeric), you might be getting some turmeric, but these blends are notorious for diluting the potency of the active ingredients by not using clinically-effective dosages and loading the rest of the bottle with filler.

The only way to protect yourself from cheap turmeric products is to understand which criteria to use when comparing products. Using a standard set of criteria to evaluate turmeric supplements is the fastest way to find the best turmeric curcumin supplement. But before we dive into that criteria, let’s briefly discuss a fundamental concept: the difference between turmeric and curcumin.


The Top 12 Ways to Compare Turmeric Supplements

1. Concentration of Curcumin
2. Made with Organic Turmeric Powder
3. Contains BioPerine®
4. Free of Artificial Fillers
5. Powder Vibrancy
6. 3rd-Party Testing
7. Customer Reviews
8. Amazon’s Choice
9. Vegan
10. Cost-Per-Capsule
11. Money-Back Guarantee
12. California Packaging


We believe it’s TRUCURC are absolutely committed to being the best turmeric supplement on the market. We’ve taken steps to ensure this by scrutinizing and optimizing our process for maximum potency and safety.

Below you’ll find TRUCRC’s Certificate of Analysis showing the proven 1000mg of 95% Curcuminoids (Curcumin) per Serving which is the recommended clinically effective dose for Joint Arthritis as supported by a Systematic Review in Journal of Medicinal Food.

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