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Cooking Pans

  • Vie Belles 3-Piece Oval Roaster Set: An Essential Piece of Kit for Your Roasting Needs

    A good roaster set represents a valuable piece of investment in any kitchen, especially when you consider that it is made from one of the most excellent performance coating, the AKZO NOBEL Chemlon Professional Coating. The layer enhances the roaster’s nonstick ability, making it easier for a sauce to release while cooking as well as less likely to burn.


    So, whether you are preparing for Thanksgiving, looking to host large dinners for visiting family members, or just need a cooking tool you can depend on at any time, the Vie Belles Oval Roaster Set promises to be your best bet for delicious home cooking. This set of cookware is essential for many reasons. These include:


    • Professional quality cast aluminum: The Vie Belles’ Oval Roaster set is built from professional cast aluminum that is heavy and durable. Its flat base combines well with the thick-thin-thick construction to distribute heat evenly across all parts on medium to high temperatures. The cookware also retains heat well. The metal is suitable for use on all hobs types and in ovens except induction.


    • It can be used for regular cooking: The quality of this product means that you do not have to wait for special occasions before you use it. You can use this set of pans to prepare pot roast, cook whole chickens, or any regular cooking endeavor. The pots come in different sizes, giving you a variety of options. The smaller roasters are ideal for vegetables, while the larger ones allow you to roast a large cut of meat without worrying if they’d fit. So, regardless of how big or small a pan your oven can accommodate, Vie Belles’s Roaster Set has something for you. Also, the roaster comes with a glass lid, allowing you to get a sneak peek at your meal as you prepare it.


    • Nonstick coating: Vie Belles’ Oval Roaster is made with a durable nonstick coating, which is three times more durable than non-stick. The premium coating gives the cookware an excellent nonstick ability and makes it easier to clean cooked-on juices after roasting. In addition, the pan metal is non-reactive. So you do not have to worry about deglazing the pan with wine or preparing acidic foods along with your roast.


    • Generously-sized handles: The Oval Roaster Set’s heavy-duty, extended handles allow a good grip, as they give enough room for your hands to comfortably grab the roaster.


    • Manufacturer’s warranty and care: Vie Belles roaster pot and pan come with a three-year warranty. The product is dishwasher safe.


    Overall, the Vie Belles Oval Roaster Set offers plenty of room, quality material, a robust design, and spot a modern appearance offered in red, silver, and black.  View the entire collection of Oval Roaster Sets below:


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